MUJI-LAGOS is a handbag and accessories brand skilfully handmade by artisans in Lagos, Nigeria. We offer a curated collection of clean-shaped and well-structured handbags that epitomise precision, craftsmanship and style. Creating leather handbags is an intimate process and each MUJI-LAGOS bag is produced using centuries-old leather-working techniques and only locally sourced leather. We don't like to get wrapped up in seasons and excesses, our leathers are sourced in limited quantities and we produce only in limited batches therefore not contributing to the industries toxic waste problem. 


MUJI-LAGOS founder Kate Tawo graduated with a Criminology degree from the university of Kent and ran a luxury consignment store for four years. In 2016, she visited one of the major craft markets in Lagos and the skills of the local craftsmen and the personal dedication they showed to their craft inspired her to combine this with the experience in luxury fashion to start a handbag and accessories brand with a strong 'Handmade in Nigeria' ethos. The brand produces modern classics that re-imagine and breathe new life into African leather working techniques, focusing not only on functionality but on aesthetics. Kate loves the entire process of designing and making handbags - from coming up with the initial idea, handpicking leathers from smaller local suppliers and collaborating with the craftsmen to bring her idea to life. We want our bags to personify a fresh ideal that embraces freedom and imperfection, free from fashion season. By sourcing and producing in Nigeria, we are investing in a diverse skills base and manufacturing economy.